2016 BMW M6 Convertible by G-Power

Sunday, November 25th, 2018 - BMW

The Astounding Performance by 2016 BMW M6 Convertible by G-Power

The known usage of G-Power which can cook up some astounding performance on sport vehicle, somehow can be a clear breeze as it is going to equip into the 2016 BMW M6 Convertible by G-Power, the dream sport car most of people desire at. Therefore, it could not be doubt anymore that BMW M6, the upcoming series, are going to be faster in speed, powerful in performance, as well as become one fastest drop-tops in the whole world. Thus, the driver will also feel another pleasant feeling during the driving, supported by the high-end material for the seated, complete GPS, entertainment system, and so on to give easiness for the driving, also high-quality material used as the exterior design which can catch most of people attention.

2016 BMW M6 Convertible Coupe

By the G-Power addition, there is no other sport car which can beat the 2016 BMW M6 Convertible by G-Power application and usage, since most of the car industry, this G-Power kit actually being expected to support the power usage of the car, in order to fasten the speed of the car. Thus, this BMW M6 also equipped with 740 horsepower with the top speed up to 186 mph in only 4 seconds needed. With the enough engine modifications, in can add over 200 horsepower with the turbocharged output in usage on the road. Another focal point into this BMW M6 is about the wheels which offers three different shades so it can bring different color illusion, yet need more extra cost to replace the wheel.

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2016 BMW M6 Convertible Coupe

Unfortunately, there is no big difference if speaking about the interior design of 2016 BMW M6 Convertible by G-Power because the cabin also has no design upgrade from the previous series. Yet, you would not get any trouble in having a highlight since it still fulfill with the standard configuration to maintain the safety.

You will price the car starting fromĀ $ 114,695.

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