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Friday, November 23rd, 2018 - Honda
2016 Honda FCV Lighting

2016 Honda FCV Concept

First Glance at 2016 Honda FCV

As futuristic it looks, so does the technology Honda invented in it. 2016 Honda FCV is firstly performing the brand new FCV, leaving behind all the turbo charge, cylinder machine, horse power indicator, and diesel tech. Even though it is true that by time passes by the invention of technology and way to reduce the emission of fuel is getting better and better, hydrogen – fueled engine in Honda is exceeding the expectation of other car corporate. Taking the first glance at the new FCV, there are some major inventions we can point out from the design.

2016 Honda FCV Dashboard 2016 Honda FCV Interior

As we know Honda is successfully using the hydrogen – powered technology in 2016 Honda FCV, but packaging the whole technology in one futuristic looks is something different. Honda seems to come up with good design body, as shown in 2015 Detroit Auto Show, North America. The machine is taking a place in the front side of the care, but don’t take so much space to still give space for 5 seats with 2 – 3 normal design. Compare to another futuristic car, Toyota Mirai, which only enough for 4 seat inside.

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Another major point to see is the borderless sky roof that gives the passenger free view of the sky. The horizontal window glasses also add more futuristic style. And thanks to the designer that body design is very simple, yet intriguing for the market. Something that can steal your sight at fist as much as it will get your whole attention by the technology inside, 2016 Honda FCV interior is designed with art – deco and U hexagonal steering wheel. The combination or hydrogen powered machine with well designer body, many people hope that Honda will produce FCV is huge number by the mid of 2016. Enjoy Driving!

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2016 Honda FCV Interior

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