2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Review

Saturday, May 26th, 2018 - Porsche

Welcome the Sport Runner 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4, the new sport runner from GT series, is accusing itself as the one the cars that rise up again the flag of originality and soulful car design when all the other corporate are turning into soulless market minded car producer just to feed the market with so called boring car. So they come back this year with the fresh idea of how the car supposes to fulfill the dream of its designer and consumer, so as it is giving it strike back in summer, pretty much when everyone leave the luxurious business car in garage, with bright yellow sporty design, Cayman GT4 turn on the light. Show time!

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Interior

Seeing the automatic transmission in the old GT3 as a mistake, the mechanics of GT4 see the manual will be the answer of this car. Even though the corporate doesn’t seem to be fine with that and definitely taking the eyes of market, but Porsche still taking this improvement. And for the exclusivity, don’t be surprised if this 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 will only be produced 2500 units worldwide and half of it will go for the American buyers. So if the first glance takes your breath away, we suggest you to prepare yourself as the potential buyer.

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2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Rear

This brand new sport Cayman GT4 is empower with 911 Carrera S’s 3800 cc, plus 7400 – rpm flat – six, and transmission of six speed manual with a stick that connect to the power of rear wheel, mechanically. The steering wheel is 1.2 inches lower than its predecessor, GT3, and half inches smaller, gives stronger hold on your control and more confident. It runs faster than any other GT and shows its best performance above the 110 km/h, to be exact on 176km/h.

The power engine of 385 horsepower and 310 lb-ft torque. Performance the car of 0-60 mph : 3.8 second, 0-100 mph : 8.5 second, and top speed the car of 183 mph.

So are you ready for 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4?

Base Price $ 85,595.

2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Review Pictures

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