2016 Qoros 5 at The Chinese Show

Sunday, November 18th, 2018 - Qoros
2016 Qoros 5 SUV

2016 Qoros 5 Concept

2016 Qoros 5 from China and Israel Production

Now, there is a new type of Qoros, it is the 2016 Qoros 5. Qoros doesn’t release officially now, but the newest model of Qoros has 3 hatchbacks and 3 City of SUV. This car is very sporty and it matches for the everyday using. This SUV car is produced by China and Israel. Qoros 5 is the newest of Qoros type, this car looks like Kia Sportage, but in some corners like Range Rover Évoque. The machines types of Qoros 5 are very various.  There are fuel machine 1.600 cc with four turbocharger cylinders with the energy 115 kW and the fuel machine 1800 cc with the energy 134 kW.  This car also uses the dual – clutch transmissions. It makes the car of Qoros 5 type become the consumer’s favorite.

The interior of the 2016 Qoros 5 is very luxurious with the conventional minimalist looking. A touch screen for the main control of entertainment program makes the car has sophisticated technology. With this touch screen we can easy to change the entertainment in the screen without less of focus when driving. This sophisticated technology gives plus value for Qoros 5. The set of cooling machine or air conditioner (AC), climate fixtures, and the other fixtures become important part of the interior design of the car.

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 For the first production of this car, it just retailers in China. 2016 Qoros 5 is the type of Qoros 5 which will launch in 2016. The Qoros 5 is still including in the newest type of car and it is just sold in China. For the next plan, the Qoros 5 will be introduced in European, especially Slovakia. Qoros 5 can be your private car to deliver you everywhere. Wait the first launch of the Qoros 5 in 2016 and become the first lucky person who has it.

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2016 Qoros 5 Front

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