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2017 BMW 7 Series Interior

2017 BMW 7 Series, A Light Weight Business Car

2017 BMW 7 Series seems to come back from the long period of waiting since the last 7 Series launched in 2009. Taking the flag of 7 Series, a brand new BMW baby car is coming with some different compare to the other predecessors. Time has flies too fast while we are waiting for the next 7 Series and what will it brings to the automotive market and the potential buyers. Well, it is not so disappointing that BMW coming back with the basic change in the machine and technology in it, especially the weight that reduces significantly with some alteration.

Even though the change is quite a lot in reducing the weight of the altogether component in one, but the thing we should admit is that the model is not so much different from other BMW 7 Series cars. It remains its style as high class luxurious business car, no more to deal with the main statement of the brand. The changes, as we mentioned before, are installing ActiveHybrid option for every core model and producing affordable carbon fiber as the replacement of plastic using on weight saving strategy. The machine that is used can be upgraded into 12 twin – turbocharged cylinder and for door limo sedan which prioritize the comfort and luxury for the passenger. These cars use a 6.6-liter V-12 powered 660 horsepower engine, such as the Rolls Royce.

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Another changing that is also remarkable is the weight reducer. The weight reducer is also coming from the combination of engine component. BMW successfully combine the steel, magnesium, aluminium, plastic, and carbon fiber that was 285 pounds to reduce at least 13 percent of its former weight. The brake and suspension components are also replaces by the aluminium from the steel and heavy iron. With this additional reduction, 2017 BWM 7 Series success to lighten up its weight to 15 percent of the former predecessor 7 Series.

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