2017 Ferrari 488 Spider Speedo
2017 Ferrari 488 Spider Speedo, Picture size 4928x3264 Posted by linta at May 3, 2016

The Sporty 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

Raise your hand if you are a person who love the sporty car! This is the good information for you the sporty car lovers. Of course all of you knew about the awesomeness of the Ferrari, right? This year, the newest 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider isĀ announced! Are you curious about the specification of this car? You should have to read this article until done because you will get some important information about this new Ferrari start from the engine specification, design of the interior and exterior and also about the price of it.

The Engine Specification of the Ferrari 488 Spider

For you who ever touch or use the Ferrari you absolutely have the experience of driving with the car which has the powerful engine. This newest series of Ferrari 488 Spider will also give you this experience or might be better. This car is the car which built from the V-8 engine with the 4.0-L and can produce the power up to 660 horsepower. You can imagine how awesome it is. You can also ride your car and move faster with the ability of the fast acceleration. This car can be accelerated from 0 to 60 only in 3 seconds. So, you can drive faster.

The Exterior Design and Interior Design of this

The European car manufacturer is always try to produce the car which has the perfect exterior looks. Same as the others, Ferrari try do it too and successful with the looks of the New Ferrari 488 series. This car is made with the perfect exterior design which has the great sculpture which show you the futuristic design and the though design perfectly. Not only that, based on some information, this car will also produce in open-able roof. Unfortunately, IF you want to get this car, you may have to save more money. This 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider is predicted has the price of $255.000.

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