2017 Kia Picanto Interior
2017 Kia Picanto Interior, Picture size 942x519 Posted by linta at April 30, 2016

Review of 2017 Kia Picanto

2017 Kia Picanto tells us about the new look of Picanto. This picanto will have sporty and stylish design. This can be seen from both interior and exterior design. They stated that there will be some improvements from the car. Yes, there are some improvements from the car when it is compared with previous type. Besides that, this car will be good for the environment. This is caused by Picanto build this car with eco-friendly technology. This means that the technology will be fine to be used. Legendary picanto is this car because this will be individuality.

Interior and exterior design

Both interior and exterior design of Kia Picanto is good. This is caused by the improvement of the car. In other word, there are some good improvements which make the car looks greater. The interior design will be more comfortable and confident. This can be seen from the seats of the car. Besides that, room stretch is larger. This will make you are more comfortable. Exterior design of the car is good. From the outside, the car looks slim. However, when you look into the car, the space will be larger. Metallic color which is used make the car looks elegant.

Performance of the car

Performance of the car will not be that good. What does it mean? It means that because of this is a city car, thus the performance will not be that important. As we know, city car usually focus on the appearance. They will not focus on the performance. Engine of this car is 1.2 MPI. Max power of the car is 6.000 rpm. This is a standard of city car. This 2017 Kia Picanto is good for women. This is caused by from the performance which cannot let you to have high speed and the design, this is special for women.

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