2017 Lexus GS F Facelift

Friday, August 31st, 2018 - Lexus
2017 Lexus GS F Wheels

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The Fine 2017 Lexus GS F

2017 Lexus GS F is having pretty unique name. This is because the car has the letter “F”. While many of us think that the letter “F” stands for the word “failure” or “fool”, the creator the car thinks in different way. The creator thinks that the letter “F” stands for finesse and Fuji. This is not exaggerating since the car comes in high quality. The car was made with the sacred Mount Fuji in the mind. The Lexus launches this car with the hope can be a competitor for another car company such as the Audi, Cadillac, and Mercedes Benz.

The Engines Specification

The engines that Lexus GS F have are really amazing. The car on the original type has the horsepower up to 467 with each of 7,100 rpm. The transmission is till the standard automatic 8 speed transmission. The torque is around of 389 lb-ft. The car has good acceleration ability too. It can achieve 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. This is really suitable for people who love the swiftness. Unlike the V-8 that the power is still under other competitors, the Lexus GS is able to fight the competitors. The Lexus GS is also lighter than the other, having about a hundred pounds differences. In addition, there is a set of planetary gear and electric motor located on the sides at the end of the rear.

The Price of the Car

The car will be on sale at December in year 2016. The price for the car is starting only at 85,380 USD. This is cheap enough for the high quality car. The price will be differs if you add other decoration on the car or if you want to change the wheels. It will be better to make the pre-order payment for the car. This is because the 2017 Lexus GS F has already gaining high popularity.

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