2017 Renault Koleos (Successor) Revealed

Saturday, May 26th, 2018 - Renault

Does 2017 Renault Koleos Successor Need New Name?

The Koleos SUV is coming as the replacement of its previous series, Renault Australia, with some additional improvement and possibly some question followed. The different of the size, appearance, load, machine, and lot more improvement that Renault France has been invented are popping out one question to many people, does 2017 Renault Koleos Successor need new name? The name is more about the image that being brought by one design, or in this case a car. The design of every car has something special that makes it as the way it is called. Sport car is not a sport car if it doesn’t have powerful machine and the speed, so does Renault.

Analyze from the body, compare to the previous Renault Australia, Koleos is 13 cm longer. This might be seen as minor change, but with this change, Renault has swifts itself as larger mid – size SUV, at least in Australian market. The other changing of this Renault Koleos is the seating that turn to be 7 seats, including 2 front seats, 3 middle seats, and 2 back seats. This change actually remains us to the X-TRAIL and its same level mid – size car. Adding new consideration on how to take this 2017 Renault Koleos Successor name for further selling market, the tech they use in this care is turbo diesel, but no specification whatsoever to the type of machine.

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Besides it is powered by four cylinder turbo petrol diesel engine and transmission of automatic and manual, both in one gear, the information system in Renault Koleos is also having some improvement. Taken from the Renault Megane, 2017 Renault Koleos Successor uses R-Link infotainment system and large color pictured touch screen in the panel to simplify the use and maximize the function. Base price opens at $ 28,490 to $ 42,490.

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