2017 Skoda Superb Rear
2017 Skoda Superb Rear, Picture size 1600x1199 Posted by linta at April 24, 2016

2017 Skoda Superb Top Review

2017 Skoda Superb is one of stylish sedan car. This car will take your attention second after you see it. The exterior design of this car will amaze you. This is caused by some reasons. For the first is from the design. The design of this car is luxurious. This can be seen from the front end car. For the second is from the wheel. The size of the wheel is like another luxurious car. For the last is from the color. The color which is used is a kind of luxurious. Grey metallic is the best color which is offered by Skoda.

Skoda Engine

Skoda Superb engine is good. Top speed of this car is 137 Mph. For sedan car, this can be said as a good top speed. Transmission of this car is two wheel drives. Acceleration of this car is 9.9 from 0-62. This is not too bad but this cannot be said as speed car. However, if you use it in the city, this will be good. This car is said as city car. Type of engine from this car is front-mounted transverse inline four-cylinder, turbocharged, liquid-cooled, with combined fuel injection, 2x OHC and two balance shafts. The maximum speed of this car is 129 mph.

Safety feature from Skoda

There are some safety features from this car. For the first is lane assist. What does it mean? It means that you will be assisted to lane. There will be cameras to assist you. For the second is crew protection assist. This means that there will be seat belt for each people in the car. This will be good for you. For the third is airbags. There are two airbags namely side airbag and rear seats. This will be beneficial for you because you will be save while driving 2017 Skoda Superb.

Source: Skoda

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