2017 Suzuki Baleno Review, Asian Market

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 - Suzuki

2017 Suzuki Baleno Release

A good car is not always about the luxurious car or the sporty car. The car which produced by the Japan car manufacturer Suzuki, the new 2017 Suzuki Baleno also can be called as the good car which can be the vehicle for your daily mobility use. Baleno is known as the series of the sedan car which produced by the Suzuki. This car has been produced in some generation. For you who ever use the old Baleno, you may have to try this new car and consider this new series to change your old Baleno. This car will give you so many different experiences from the old Baleno. It may good for you to know the basic information first about this new car. So, here some information for you.

Suzuki Baleno Engine Specification

Suzuki is not yet announce this newest car which will hit the European market on spring 2016. But, from some information, this can is built from the engine that can produce the power up to 110 horsepower and also can reach 125 pound-feet. The transmission of this Suzuki Baleno can also be set from five transmission in manual to six transmission in automatic. These power is the suitable power for the newest Baleno because this car is especially designed with the concept of city car and small car.

2017 Suzuki Baleno Bags

Popolar in International

From the day Suzuki announced the new Baleno, this car has been booked more than 2000 books from India. This amount show how popular this car is. But, for you who live in Europe or America, you must be patient because this car will be realeased on Spring next year. The new 2017 Suzuki Baleno is also completed with the good exterior features and interior features. You will find the newest multimedia technology and the wide luggage for this car.

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2017 Suzuki Baleno HD Wallpaper

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