2017 Tesla Model X Interior
2017 Tesla Model X Interior, Picture size 1158x581 Posted by linta at May 15, 2016

The Luxury Full-Size 2017 Tesla Model X

Began in September 2015, 2017 Tesla Model X somehow can be another tempted prototype manufactured by the Tesla Motors. Right after the last generation which was unveiled by the design studios on the last February 2012, the design has already grown well  with the full-size sedan platform, give you way more comfortable feeling during the driving. Thus, with the luxury full-size of crossover body styles car, on the next 2017, it will become a must-have car, successfully beat another car on the same class. However, what about the design in functionally feature being equipped into this car? Is the specification may fulfill your needs? What if you need a fuel-efficient car as the energy consumption? Well, well, just keep moving forward on reading this article, and you are about to know more.

Depend on the series production vehicle, which compared with another generation before, you are about to get enough excitement with this Tesla Model X which also defined as the safest SUV as well. Supported in panoramic windshield which provides you more into the pleasant driving during touring over the city. Furthermore, the standard radar-based AEB and ultrasonic-based side which equipped inside this car can avoid the driver from hitting an object nearby, both when the door is opening or closing. HEPA filter also become the highlight since it provides an air cleanliness which can detect the availability of viruses, bacteria, spores, inside the cabin.

As if the Tesla Model S has a choice of two lithium-ion battery packs, so did with this Model X which provides a rated at 70 or 90 kWh, and provided highest performance version, compared with the car in the same class. Change the usage of rear-wheel drive models into the all-wheel drive also succeed to give a strengthen of 2017 Tesla Model X in usage, way better than the generation before. Rumors about Tesla Model X priced between $81,200 – $116,700.

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