2017 Volkswagen Passat Review

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2017 Volkswagen Passat Reviews

2017 Volkswagen Passat has a concept as a family car that is designed with a large body. This car is actually produced since 1973 by the German car manufacturer, Volkswagen. Therefore, the production of Passat comes until 8 generation designs and the latest version is 2017 Passat. In addition, it has so many kinds of version names such as, Santana, Dasher, Carat and so on. Based on the generation that its car has, it is divided into two types; B1 and B2. It is differentiated by the production year of the car. In B1 the car is produced in 1973-1981 and in B2 the car is produced in 1981 – 1988.

It is known that the first emergence of Passat was sold in 1973. In this first generation, this car is actually designed with 2 and 4 door sedan. However, at a glance, it is similar in 2 and 5 door version to see. It was in fastback body design with the platform of Audi. Then, in the next year, the 5 door version was launched. For the European car market, this car is actually featured with the rectangular headlamps in 5.5 and 7 inch. At that time, Volkswagen Passat was considered as one of the latest modern cars that replaced the previous series of Volkswagen.

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Then in B2 type which comes as the second generation, it was introduced firstly in 1981. The body design of Passat seems to be longer than its previous version that still uses the platform from Audi 80. However, the people are able to recognize that this car was Passat as it is created not that different. The difference of this car is just on the shape of the headlamps. As the time goes by, this car turns to be the hatchback car as it follows the popularity of its type of car at that time. Now, the latest version of 2017 Volkswagen Passat was produced in 2016 model year.

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