900 HP Honda S2000/Mazda RX-8 Debate

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Mazda RX-8

The debate over engine swaps isn’t ending, and i’m hearing it from many, lots of people. To begin with, allow me to set the scenario for you personally, I’m 1 of 2 proprietors of Bald Monkey Racing, we own another company that built the initial 2JZ S2000 on the planet. A number of you’re most likely asking exactly what is a 2JZ S2000, well it’s a Honda S2000 having a Toyota Supra engine inside it. Why did we construct it, well to begin with it had not been done before, and next we’d built many high horse-powered Supra’s so we absolutely loved the Honda S2000. Within our garage we’d both, even though doing a bit of focus on the Honda one evening we joked about getting the horsepower from the Supra and also the handling around the S2000, next factor you realize after tons on engineering, fabricating, a lot of money and 45 days later there it sitting prepared to launch, a 2001 Silverstone Honda S2000 having a Toyota engine and transmission. In some way a couple of pictures got published on the web from the camera phone and our phone and email address’s began coming up. Just how much, how lengthy does it take, when can one get mine, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Honda S2000 Engine

900 HP Honda S2000/Mazda RX-8 Debate

We had not even began the vehicle yet, we’ve got to thinking oh boy, which is unmanageable. Next we’ve got the vehicle began, and made the decision to create a video concerning the vehicle, we did and use it YouTube, we thought our email address’s and make contact with were coming up initially, boy was I wrong, dead wrong. Inside a week approximately i was looking at some vehicle forum boards and merely could not believe all of the debate, mostly in support of the swap but plenty of negative posts too. We bloated total the great comments, but additionally read the poor quality ones too. There have been posts prefer swap EVER, All of you build the baddest cars in the world, How have you result in the 2JZ easily fit in there, its keep were the negative posts, like, WHY, How may you get rid of the awesome handling from the S2k, You destroyed among the best bits of work ever, therefore we got among the best neutral comments Are you able to place the S2000 engine within the Supra, boy did we laugh at this one. Since that time we’ve built 5 2JZ S2000’s with various size Turbo’s, various parts bobs, but we’ve lately surpassed ourselves, we’ve built the very first ever S2000 by having an Automatic transmission, that one has gone out best yet. Her 2JZ Supra engine inside it, and it is pushing over 900 horsepower, includes a T-88 Turbo, a lot of aftermarket parts, rims, stereo, and like I stated a computerized transmission. The very first ever Honda S2000 with and Automatic tranny, I rode inside it the very first time yesterday which is incredible. This factor rides enjoy it originated from the factory. This Yellow 2003 Honda S2000 is really a mutt, it features a Honda s2000 body, a Toyota Supra engine and transmission, a Nissan Skyline rearend, along with a Nissan 300Z shifting module, and delay pills work so excellent. You can observe pics and videos from the 2JZ S2000’s within our forum board on . Let’s focus on a bit more debate, ready with this, we’re swapping exactly the same 2JZ engine in to the Mazda RX-8, yeah you heard it here first. I’ve published some pics from the engine within the RX-8 within our forum at , try them out. Well, to not toot our very own horns but, the Mazda forums take presctiption fire, because of us. Same comments, why?¬†How may you get rid of the awesome handling from the RX8, You destroyed an excellent good article, How may you remove the rotary. Knowing anything about cars you will be aware that individuals either love or hate Rotary engine’s and that’s what the Mazda RX-7 and RX-8’s have inside them. We’re not completed with our first yet, so we had a call next factor you realize there’s two within the front yard awaiting their new engines. This might inflate too. If you wish to discuss debate, wait til the Nissan community discovers what we should have available on their behalf, they ought to prepare yourself, more to follow along with.

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Mazda RX-8 Debate

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