BMW X5 Interior 2016 Dashboard
BMW X5 Interior 2016 Dashboard, Picture size 1280x782 Posted by linta at May 10, 2016

The Specifications of BMW X5 Interior 2016

BMW X5 Interior 2016 brings a sport luxury concept inside as the same as the exterior body. It is known that it is categorized as the hatchback SUV with premium quality. It can be seen that there are several features that are set inside the car. It is created to create such a good ambience in the car both for the passengers and the driver as well. There are several components that will be discussed in this car in the matter of interior view. It is important to see what inside the car is as the consideration in seeing the car.

The first one that will be discussed is on the dashboard. It seems that the dashboard of BMW x5 interior has good flavor. As it comes as the luxury car in the sporty look, so that it comes with the trim levels of it. It is wrapped with the leather and it has the combination of premium aluminum in the console of this car. Meanwhile, there are several features on the dashboard equipped in this car, such as, LCD navigation screen, Bluetooth, entertainment tools, and so on. On the steering wheel, it is completed with several buttons for the driving system.

On the other hand, a sporty look can also be seen from the passenger seats. The seats are wrapped by the premium leather quality. On the other hand, there is some improvement of this car in which the car is created in more spacious room. The sunroof is also featured in this car so the passengers may see the upscale. It has also more legroom for the convenience of the passengers on the back seats of the car. In addition, BMW x5 Interior 2016 also comes in the space for cargo so that the passengers can put the stuff  in it during the long driving.

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