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Buick Reatta Instrument Panel

Buick Reatta 1989

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Buick Reatta is simple with only two-seater and two-door available and become the first car that used two-seater since 1940 Buick model. There is a storage behind the seats and lockable hatch. There are two body styles that offers by Reatta such coupe with two doors that produces in 1988-1991 and convertible that produces in 1990-1991. Both of them featured with 3.8-liter V-6 engine. Reatta using GM’s transverse V-6 engine with 165-170 hp 9123-127 kW) and using 210-220 lb ft of the torque with highest output production. Top speed that hit by Reatta limited to 125 mph or about 201 km/h. In the highway, Reatta rated at 27mpg (8.7 L/100km) and in the city rated around 18 mpg (13.1 L/100 km).

Buick Reatta featured by a touchscreen computer interface and marketed as Electronic Control Center (ECC) include radio and climate control function, date reminder, user-configurable, trip computer, and electronic system and sensors. The interior design is updated and changed by the time becomes better. There is additional safety equipment such as driver’s airbag. Interior of the Reatta look nice with leather seating and steering wheel and cabin that look comfort. It has enough space where the front head room available in 36.9 inch, front hip room with 53.9 inch, front leg room in 43.1 inch and the front shoulder room in 57.0 inch. The only thing become consideration choosing Reatta is its high cost.

In the 1990, Reatta comes in convertible design with manually operated top from ASC. It is available in vinyl or cloth. There is glass rear window and electric defroster that complete the top. The top designed in stylish and easy to operate. The top protected with rigid tonneau cover. In the 1991, the Buick Reatta model comes featured with motors to assist in tightening the tonneau cover.

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Buick Reatta 1988

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