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tips-cars-48Electric Electric rc cars are typically the most popular today. This can be due to the truth that every RC vehicle beginners can get began using this type of RC vehicle, it’s because operation of the electric Electric rc cars is simple to become understood. Electric RC vehicle which operated by battery pack have lots of advantages in comparison to nitro / gas Electric rc cars. If you’re new within the RC world , you may most likely face difficulty to find the right electric RC vehicle that will satisfied you. The most crucial factor prior to you making an order, you’ll need some good info to help you to prevent wrong choice.

First what exactly are consideration to make. This will be significant to each person who want to be participate in Electric Electric rc cars world.

1. What exactly are Advantage

2. Which kind of Electric rc cars

3. How big of Electric rc cars.

4. What choices to choose.

5. Convenience.

1.Benefit of electric Electric rc cars.

– Easy to use

– Simple and easy , less maintaining

– Less tuning and hang-up

– Less cost

– Noise less

– Smoke less

– Lightweight

2. Kind of electric Electric rc cars

– On-road Electric rc cars. Contain Touring , racing and Drift cars.

– Off-road Electric rc cars. Contain Buggies and Monster truck.

– Indoor Electric rc cars . Contain small / micro cars.

3. Size electric Electric rc cars.

– 1/ 10, 1/ 12, 1/ 16, 1/ 18, 1/ 24, 1/ 27, and 1/ 30.

4. Choice to choose.

There’s two options available for sale.

Option 1.

Electric RC vehicle – RTR kits ( Prepared to run )

This method is specifically the perception of beginners.

RTR package are includes ready build RC vehicle incorporated:

– RC vehicle body / Chassis

– Electronic speed controller

– 17 turn motor

– Radio transmitter and servos

– 4 tires

– Colored body covering

It’s not necessary to be worried about set up RC vehicle parts and painting your body covering. All that’s left to do would be to incorperate your battery and you’re prepared to lay lower around the track. After encountering good in handling and maintained of RTR Electric rc cars, after you are ready visit a step further.

Option 2.

Electric RC vehicle pro package

This method are the perception of racer.

Feature of the package is just RC vehicle body ( chassis ) and you will have to assemble all of single areas of this body . Normally it’s will require about four to five hrs to accomplish this. To operate this package on track you need to add another parts or add-ons for example:

– 4 Tires ( Finished with insert + rim )

– Motor ( Blown / Brushless )

– ESC ( Electronic speed controller )

– Battery power. ( 6 cells )

– Charger

– Body covering.

– Radio Transmitter and servos

All RC parts or accessory as in the above list could be buy individually from various brand or maker all over the world.


Within this last consideration you need to know where:

– Recreation space or track offered at your neighborhood.

– Hobby shop nearby to locate your spares

– Is that this shop sell electric RC vehicle parts which you’ll choose.

– Can there be any tech support team or advised supplied by this shop.

– Can there be have others community operate a same model or type that you simply choose.

This should help you to enhance your driving skill faster then you definitely run alone around the track.

Tips Cars 48

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