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Sunday, December 9th, 2018 - Lexus
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It’s simple: Lexus announced have surpassed the one million sold Lexus lS. It’s simple but it is mostly symbolic. A euro is a euro and it is a symbol. Lexus communicates around a sales threshold is in itself not important. Many builders who regularly do. But in this case the symbol is that one is interested.

Lexus lS Review

One Million Lexus lS

Lexus announced that over a million vehicles sold for the IS range since its launch there are seventeen. At the time the bet was far from won. And the success of this range shows that Lexus has managed to get a place among the premium manufacturers, German head. It is also representative of a success that exceeds that of this range only. The IS was also the first Lexus to be called F, letter became performance symbol for the Japanese brand.

The SI is currently marketed in over 70 countries and sold at the rate of more than 6,000 copies each month. In France it represents more than 15% of Lexus sales.

Source and Photo: Lexus

Lexus lS Review

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