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2017 Ford GT, Picture size 2160x1320 Posted by linta at September 15, 2016

Partly 4 want to know..our astrologer, Albert Valentine, predicted many worldly occasions precisely. In 1994, he predicted the bombing of the planet Trade Center would eventually re-occur. That conjecture is made on live television on his show in those days, Chartalk.

He precisely predicted the demise of former Toronto Mayor Take advantage of Ford precisely. Hence Albert Valentine was factual that Ford wouldn’t get re-chosen. In addition, he saw that Ford health was delicate along with a location could be happening. Well, today, March 22, the moving required place. Take advantage of Ford passed at age 46. Here are the articles printed within our e-newsletter. Also these come in our book Psychic and Modern Subjects Volume 1 and Volume 2.

In reviewing Take advantage of Ford’s advanced chart, there are several note able changes that are simple to conclude he’d not continue becoming mayor for that town of Toronto, Canada. The Midheaven within the zodiac chart (tenth house) may be the career sector that describes an individual profession, status, and professional achievements.

Here is the last article article in follow-up to part 1 & 2.


In searching in the progressions Ford had within the last 2 years, advanced Midheaven (career and existence direction) includes a square to natal Neptune. This can be a crisis period where lots of career hobbies may fade into nothing. There’s confusion and deceptiveness which may be revealed. Expect more scams within the next 6 days to carry on being uncovered. Simultaneously public support, support from constituents, etc.. is going to be going for a twist.

Neptune rules drugs, alcohol, along with other deceitful practices. There’s more news likely to be more unfolding within the days in the future that’ll be just like shocking. Presently this aspect has become exact via progression that is a time that Ford is feeling this cycle more powerful than ever before. It can last for another year. Searching forward into before summer 2014, Pluto is going to be conjuncting his Midheaven but Uranus is going to be squaring his Midheaven that is getting status changes and moving away from career. It has possibility to being tossed from office.

Presently the minor cycle of positioned retrograde Mercury in Scorpio is opposite Ford’s Saturn. This can expose many secrets for that public. Hence a second video surfaced that contains graphic material whereby he was within an inebriated condition making risks of murder. Through the looks of products ore is likely to surface because this cycle can last for an additional 9 days. Legal problems could be produced out of this cycle as Neptune also rules prisons. The potential of criminal pricing is quite strong in addition to removal from office. You can get worried if the also feasible for themselves to see exactly the same conditions underneath the same influence. The character of the natal chart is an essential element to examine. In times like that one needs to review if there’s possibility of dishonest motives, hidden agendas, drug usage, etc.. which are proven within the natal chart.

For instance, I have a friend which had a advancement of Advanced MC square Neptune. That individual never required a medication rather than had curiosity about alcohol. They way it influenced him was stresses with career and alterations in existence direction. A brand new career emerged. Yet there is the spiraling lower effect from career elements diminishing out, much like Ford’s potentials.

On the final note, with Neptune, there’s always more towards the story. Expect the exposure of hidden criminal offense. Stay updated to listen to more!

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